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 Founded In The UAE.

We have experience & expertise of importing & distributing pharmaceuticals, nutrition, & pet food products into the region.

What We Do

With experience of launching brands, Distribute-ME is your perfect go-to-market partner in the region.

We are registered to import, distribute and resell your products safely and securely in the Middle East

Registered Importers

Our team consists of product registration experts and Arabic natives, and we have experience in navigating the complex regulatory stipulations in the region.

Middle East Distributors

We leverage the power of our 3PL partners based in key locations throughout the region. We have created a robust distribution network and the temperature controlled facilities we select are of the highest safety standards.

Middle East Reseller

We have a vast network that includes +200 pet stores and veterinary clinics, along with +120 pharmacies and Health Stores.

Ecommerce Experts

Our ecommerce & digital marketing  experts have a proven track record of launching brands in the Middle East.

As a team we have over 15 years' of retail experience managing brand throughout the region and 1000s of SKUs, this combined with over 5 years' experience of product registration and B2B sales, places us to be a valuable business partner. Additionally, our ecommerce and digital marketing  expertise has been gleaned by over 20 years' of experience and we have a proven track record of launching brands in new markets. Our team has worked with some incredible global brands. Within the team we have product registration experts and we can navigate the complex regulatory stipulations and help you launch your brand in the Middle East.

About Us...

Distribute-ME is here to support your brand's growth in the Middle East.

Grow with Distribute-ME 


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